Installing PostgreSQL in Xampp and Integrating PhpPgAdmin

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Credits Time! This post is just a text version of this video. I’m in no way affiliated with the author of the video. I couldn’t find a written explanation of how to do this when I was searching, so I thought about making a post.

To Note

This guide assumes that we have already installed xampp.

I haven’t experimented with the paths and naming so I don’t know if folder names and structure have to be set up like this in order for it to work.

1 - Install PostgreSQL

Download the installer from here and run it.

Set the installation path to C:\xampp\pgsql\12 (the pgsql folder will need to be created, the folder named 12 needs to be created, I named it like that based on the current postgres version).

1.1 - Modify php Config

Navigate to C:\xampp\php and open php.ini with an editor like VSCode or Notepad++.

Uncomment (by removing the preceding ;) the lines extension=pgsql and extension=pdo_pgsql.

Save the file.

2 - Install PhpPgAdmin

Download the master branch from the repository (Code > Download ZIP).

Extract the contents of the folder into any other folder.

Get the all of the contents (CTRL + A) of the extracted folder and move them into C:\xampp\phpPgAdmin (the folder phpPgAdmin will need to be created).

2.1 - Modify PhpPgAdmin Config

Go to C:\xampp\phpPgAdmin\conf and rename to

Open (again with Notepad++, VSCode or whatever).

Change the line $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = ''; to $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';.

Change the lines $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dump_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dump'; and $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dumpall_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dumpall'; to $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dump_path'] = 'C:\\xampp\\pgsql\\12\\bin\\pg_dump.exe'; and $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dump_path'] = 'C:\\xampp\\pgsql\\12\\bin\\pg_dumpall.exe';.

Change the line $conf['extra_login_security'] = true; to $conf['extra_login_security'] = false;.

Save the file.

3 - Modify Xampp Config

Search for the file httpd-xampp.conf and open it.

Right before the line <IfModule alias_module> insert this code snippet:

Alias /phpPgAdmin "C:/xampp/phpPgAdmin"
<directory "C:/xampp/phpPgAdmin">
AllowOverride AuthConfig
Require all granted

4 - Check if it Works

Check if everything went smoothly by going to http://localhost/phpPgAdmin/.

Click on the PostgreSQL server in the sidebar.

Login with the username postgres and the password you specified during PostgreSQL installation.