Project Description

Retro arcade space shooter prototype I made using Haxe and HaxeFlixel with the Nape physics engine.

I started by recreating the Asteroids demo project found on the Flixel website, then added stuff I liked and/or wanted to learn to use like physics, particle effects, screen shake, enemies in the form of mines that follow and explode on contact, an open world and camera system.

Development has stalled for now, this was my first Flixel project so the code is messy and I need to find the will to restructure some classes before adding more stuff. I learned a lot from making the game though.

Screenshot of spaceship shooting Screenshot of spaceship shooting
Some screenshots from the game

Source Code

The project is Open Source, the repository can be found here.

Technologies Used

Here are the main technologies I used to make this game:

Technology Usage
Haxe + HaxeFlixel Language and Framework in which I programmed the game
Visual Studio Code IDE used for writing the code
Piskel PixelArt drawing tool used for minor edits on the image assets
Audacity Audio software used for minor edits on the audio assets